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Special effects with theLED Violin and LED Costumes

The programed electric LED violin can be adjusted to any song and the performance is also a visual highlight. For parties and futuristic events its the perfect showact. Also the LED costumes go with a great wow-moment and are very attention catching; e.g. as a walking act and for parties. We have the right costume for every occasion.

Violin DJANE and DJ Plus

Beatrix is performing a lot with DJ plus live concepts. Either solo as a Violin DJane in one person. Then she is Djing in all genres and inbetween playing livesets or showacts with your favorite songs. This concept is absolutely unique in this musical variety. For more manpower on stage the DJ plus concept is also possible as bigger cast. DJ plus Violinist, Singer, Saxophon, Percussion, Trumpet, Cello, Dancers and more. The set up is completely flexible and can be chosen accordingly to your taste and kind of event.

A very popular show is the Violinmeets Drums Show

This concept offers a firework of interaction. Available as mobile concept or with big Drumsets, with LED Drums, Water Drums or Fire Drums.

FLYING Violin/Aerial Violin/VerticalViolin Show

A special wow moment can be reached by Beatrix´s FLYING Violin/Aerial Violin/Vertical Violin Show: a majestic above the guests flying Violinist or for more action as a houserunning-performance, walking down walls or buildings a la Mission Impossible. Perfect for opening and housewarming events. The aerial show can be extended with additional musicians or aerial acrobats and dancers. The music can be chosen tailormade for the occasion. The aerial inscenation is the perfect choice to present your brand in a unique, breathtaking way.

Violin meets BMX Showact

A very hip crossover concept is the Violin meets BMX Showact. Together with the BMX world champion Chris Böhm the performace is an interactive highlight, full of action and musical perfection. Also available as a trio show with Violin meets BMX and Ballet.


Catviolin is Beatrix complete own produced show. It is a unique stage show with a violinist in the main role. Telling the dramatic story of a girl accompanied of additional instruments in a multimedial travel around the world with new arrangments of famous filmmusic classics. The show can be adapted depending on the kind of event perfectly matching to the Country of the company or attending guests or the theme of the event.

V Power -Violin & Violoncello at its best

Another very popular combination is V Power - Violin & Violoncello at its best. A unique crossover showact in all musical genres from classic to charts with own arrangements a la 2Cellos.

Violin meets harp

Perfect for an emotional and visual highlight is the Duo Violin meets harp. From classic over pop to modern hits, everything is possible. There are many more classical casts available, e.g. Violin & Piano, 2 Violins, String quartet, whole string orchestra or more. These concepts are perfect in giving your event a classy touch. Either for a nice atmosphere during reception or dinner or as an emotional highlight during your program.

Violin meets Ballet Show

Another very special combination - full of elegance - is the Violin meets Ballet Show. This act is unique; a choreographed show with dancing Violinist playing at the same time live together with professional ballet dancer telling a beautiful story.

Violin meets Breakdance

The Violin meets Breakdance Show is another cool highlight. This combination of hip breakdancers in combination with the classical instrument creates a special atmosphere. With modern beats and an interactive choreography its a unique show for all events that are looking for something new and cool with much movement and interaction.

Violin meets Fire show

The Violin meets Fire Show offers a happening for all senses. The combination shows a big variety of fire effects matching perfectly to the choreography with the Violinist - using emotional and epic music. A great inscenation for young and old.

Also available is the fusion act Violin meets Acrobat

The Violinpart harmonizes perfectly with the acrobatic moves and the interaction between both arts creates a very special feeling. The acrobatic part offers a variety of tools (silk, pole, hexagon, waterbowl, umbrella and many more).
This act is also extendable, e.g. violinist plus LED Drums, Vocals and Acrobat.

Violin meets Icescating

Another great combination is Violin meets Icescating: Violinisti performing together with LED Drums and the icescating world Champion.

New is the Violin on Swaypole Show

Swaypole Performances are a unique highlight for receptions, galas, public or outdoor events as well as all events that are looking for something special. Violin Live Performance on Swaypoles in combination with the Acrobat doing beautiful movements.

Also New: Violin meets Mirrorball

This show is an internationally unique combination of mirrorball acrobat with Violinist. The great lighting effects combined with an emotional and interactive music performance creates a breathtaking atmosphere. Here s short Trailer from our last events soundcheck: